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I believe, as Abraham Lincoln did, that we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Regrettably our current Chico City Council does not practice that belief.

At a 2017 Chico City Council meeting, I watched a dozen citizens plead to have an item put on a future agenda. The speakers were predominantly young females of color. Without explanation, the Council majority rejected any opportunity for discussion. Their demeanor was condescending. This was not an isolated incident: time-after-time the current Council majority declines to allow discussion of issues they oppose, suppressing public input or circumventing motions to consider, with sub-motions that call for an immediate vote without input. This is antithetical to responsible representation. That was the night I decided to run for City Council.

Democratic representation obligates public officials to provide a sounding board “for all”. The job of Councilors is to listen to the concerns of citizens, offer a forum for presenting their views, engage in meaningful discussion of the topic and provide a thoughtful decision and reasons for it. And not just citizens of a certain type or class, all citizens, equally. Too often, elected officials are all ears for their donors and the well-off, and deaf to dissenting voices and those without standing. Our flag salute, a statement of our values, includes the words “for all”, clearly stating that we believe liberty and justice should be administered equally.

Our amazing community has a number of pressing challenges to solve. The first step in developing solutions is to open up a two-way dialogue with the community that encourages input and ideas from all sectors. Seven people behind a dais can’t solve our issues in a vacuum.

If I am provided the privilege of serving, I’ll work to increase opportunities for public engagement, encourage greater participation of community members, and eliminate obstacles to discourse between the council and the people we serve.


  • Abe Baily
  • Adam Fedeli
  • Allen Harthorn
  • Amy L. Pugel
  • Andy Holcombe
  • Angela C Cook
  • Ann Schwab
  • Anne Stephens
  • Brian and Joan Rea
  • Butte County Democrats
  • California Nurses Association
  • Charles and Marvey Mueller
  • Charles Nelson
  • Cheryl King
  • Chico Business Network
  • Dan Carter
  • Dan Lacko
  • Dawn Garcia
  • Democratic Action Club of Chico
  • Dennis and Eddi Deromedi
  • Diana Fogel
  • Donn Marshall
  • Douglas Calbreath
  • Elizabeth Thomas
  • Ellen Simon
  • Frank Pugel
  • George and Leanna Rawley
  • Grace Marvin
  • Irv Schiffman
  • Jain Redmond
  • Jane Coleman
  • Jasper Lerch
  • Jay Bogiatto
  • Jeff and Sharon Sloan
  • Jeffrey Samorano
  • Joe and Leslie Russo
  • John Martin
  • John Merz
  • John Scott
  • John Shovein
  • John T. Lewis
  • Jon Luvaas
  • Judy Cadet
  • Julian Zener
  • Karl Ory
  • Katherine Pugel
  • Katie Pugel
  • Katrina Woodcox
  • Kay Simenc
  • Kenneth Sobon
  • Laura Burghardt
  • Leeds Rich
  • Mark and Cynthia Gailey
  • Mark Forest Harlan
  • Mark Stemen
  • Martha Wescoat-Andes
  • Marvey Mueller
  • Mary Gardner
  • Mary Muchowski
  • Matthew York
  • Maureen Kirk
  • Melanie Enloe
  • Michael McGinnis
  • Mike Stearns
  • Milly Polllock
  • Mobilize Chico
  • Nancy McGie
  • Natalie Carter
  • North State Labor Federation
  • OJ and Gene Anna McMillan
  • Pamela Posey
  • Patrice York
  • Patricia Ansorge
  • Patrick Conroy
  • Paul Friedlander
  • Paul Stephens
  • Paula Creighton
  • Peter and Kim Tichinin
  • Peter Tichinin
  • Randall Stone
  • Rich Leeds
  • Robert Stornetta
  • Robert Trausch
  • Robert Zadra
  • Robin Keehn
  • Sandy Goulart
  • Shelly Kirn
  • Sheryl Krambo
  • Skip Augur
  • Steve Carson
  • Steve Kay
  • Steve McDonald
  • Suellen Rowlison
  • Susan Mason
  • Susan Scott
  • Tami Ritter
  • Thomas Jordan
  • Tim Ruckle
  • Tom and Kathy Reed
  • Tom McCready
  • Tom Nickell
  • Tom Tarman
  • United Food and Commercial Workers Union local 8
  • Vic and Kay Simenc
  • Victor Krambo
  • Vincent Commendatore
  • Walter Schafer
  • Wesley Dempsey
  • William L McCauley
  • Woody Elliot

“Scott…always articulated his position, he always asked good questions…Scott’s just the candidate that I really can embrace right away”

Maureen Kirk, Butte County Supervisor

“I have known Scott for close to 30 years. He has a deep passion for our community, and has dedicated much of his life to jumping in and taking action, instead of sitting on the sidelines wishing things were different.”

Katrina Woodcox

“I recognized somebody who’s a leader, not just a grenade thrower, and that impressed me… Scott is just exactly what this council needs … somebody who can bridge those gaps and can coordinate and work well with other people.”

Randall Stone, Chico City Councilor

“Scott earned my respect because he always does his homework. He takes the time to research an issue, talk to all involved, and thoughtfully consider alternate viewpoints.”

Anne Stephens

“Scott will be the candidate of reason – the voice so needed on our current council. Scott has my endorsement and vote!”

Sandy Goulart

“Im looking forward to a progressive city council that can get things done…I’m looking forward to it Scott!”

Karl Ory, Chico City Councilor

“…he is a caring, level-headed, informed person who will listen to all sides of an issue before making a decision.”

Mary Muchowski