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Voters deserve to know where their candidates stand on issues.

Responsible candidates develop positions by listening to and carefully considering all sides. Local issues are not static: ideas come forward, conditions change, new solutions arise.

I will keep an open mind to new ways of looking at each of these issues, and if I determine that there is an even better way to resolve them, I will adjust positions accordingly.

“Scott…always articulated his position, he always asked good questions…Scott’s just the candidate that I really can embrace right away”

Maureen Kirk, Butte County Supervisor

“I have known Scott for close to 30 years. He has a deep passion for our community, and has dedicated much of his life to jumping in and taking action, instead of sitting on the sidelines wishing things were different.”

Katrina Woodcox

“I recognized somebody who’s a leader, not just a grenade thrower, and that impressed me… Scott is just exactly what this council needs … somebody who can bridge those gaps and can coordinate and work well with other people.”

Randall Stone, Chico City Councilor

“Scott earned my respect because he always does his homework. He takes the time to research an issue, talk to all involved, and thoughtfully consider alternate viewpoints.”

Anne Stephens

“Scott will be the candidate of reason – the voice so needed on our current council. Scott has my endorsement and vote!”

Sandy Goulart

“Im looking forward to a progressive city council that can get things done…I’m looking forward to it Scott!”

Karl Ory, Chico City Councilor

“…he is a caring, level-headed, informed person who will listen to all sides of an issue before making a decision.”

Mary Muchowski

Community Engagement

  • Promote and support:
  • Greater opportunity for public input
  • Equal time for all
  • Thoughtful discussion of all sides
  • Transparent decision making


  • Promote and support:
  • Improved local information sharing between agencies to plug loopholes and keep mentally ill, drug users, spouse abusers and terrorist suspects from buying or owning.


  • Promote and support:
  • Keeping commercial cannabis sales away from schools, neighborhoods and retail areas
  • Increasing tax revenue by allowing highly restricted zones for commercial cannabis sales


  • Promote and support:
  • The general Plan vision of mixed use, walkable neighborhoods
  • Consideration of historical values in association with City projects


  • Promote and support:
  • Increased foot and bike patrols and ‘beat’ cops
  • Continued use of body cameras
  • Hiring of additional Chico officers versus security contractors
  • Disallowing armed private security in public areas


  • Promote and support:
  • Projects that encourage migration away from retail areas and City Parks and Greenways
  • Short-term, immediate need housing
  • Long-term combined housing and services projects
  • Well designed and located affordable housing solutions
  • Support 24 hour bathroom access downtown


  • Promote and support:
  • Preservation of oak woodlands
  • Preservation of the green-line